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What schools across the country say about SPIRALPE

There are now over 12,000 pupils being taught PE through the SPIRALPE platform - here's why...

The impact has been amazing. Teachers are feeling more confident delivering PE lessons and children are more motivated to take part in activities. We have even noticed an increase in participation in clubs as a result. The assessment tool is a fantastic way of tracking progress in PE and the children are confident talking about the areas they have been working on.
Jack Horwell, Deputy head teacher, Tregadillett Primary School, Cornwall
SPIRALPE™ is proving to be an excellent platform for our school. The staff are really njoying delivering lessons because the plans work and are not over complicated with jargon, added to which you can really see the progress the children are making. Teachers have said that they’ve noticed an improvement in the behaviour of the kids in PE lessons too because it’s all small group, skill work which keeps them focused and on task.
Mr. Jameson, Deputy head teacher, St Richards Primary School, Wigan
We’ve really enjoyed using the SPIRALPE platform, I find it takes the burden off the planning aspect and the lessons are quality, engaging, inclusive and fun.

I’ve felt a greater confidence in staff regarding this aspect of the curriculum since we rolled it out across the school.

Ashley Kearsley, PE Subject leader, Beckfoot Allerton Primary, Bradford
Having such a strong base to work from and knowing that the national curriculum objectives are all being met gives staff the platform to develop their own skills and we’re really seeing the positive effects.
Richard Elstub, Head teacher, Morley Victoria Primary, Leeds
We've really enjoyed it and it is great to see the children making so much progress in PE and staff confidence in delivering PE has increased too.
Laura Hopley, Lawley Village Academy, Telford

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