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The SPIRALPE platform is used by schools across the country to deliver brilliant physical education based on learning transferable skills for life.  We plan fun, engaging lessons to maximise participation and your staff team can deliver PE which inspires and develops ALL your pupils.
  • Saves so much time for your teachers and PE lead
  • Full, linked lesson plans from Reception to Y6 which deliver all elements of the national curriculum
  • PE assessment tools to track and deliver progress in 18 physical skill areas
  • Clubs and Fixtures manager tool to create digital GDPR registers
  • SLT Reports to see participation, progress, teacher confidence
For more information check out the SPIRALPE widgets on http://www.spiralpe.co.uk/ or drop us an email and we can run you through an online demo of the platform and discuss how it could help you and your school.

SPIRALPE is distributed in the UK by YPO - click here to order yours

We want to start conversations with children and teachers across the country about how the transferable skills we are learning in SPIRAL PE are useful all areas of life, so we're running a campaign called "PE teaches skills for life" and we'd love you to get involved.

Want to be a Firefighter? You'll need coordination and strength; Want to be a Painter and decorator? You'll need agility and balance; Want to be a Photographer? You'll need great anticipation and timing. 

The important message is that PE is physical education for life, it's not sports and it's not just for the sporty. It will help catch a bunch of keys, run for a bus or climb over a stile in the countryside. It will help you enjoy your life!

We'd love to hear suggestions from you and we'll be adding the life skills into each lesson plan throughout the year as the conversation develops. 

For more information about the PE teaches Life Skills campaign and how you can support it click here.

Send us your suggestions - BE A SPIRALPE DEVEOLPER!

Thank you for being part of our rapidly growing community of schools sharing best practice and driving improvements in physical education, physical activity and school sport. We're always eager to hear suggestions that will help other members of the community, so if there is anything you would like to add into the 'development funnel' please send us it on an email to info@pepartner.co.uk

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SPIRALPE is a product designed and delivered by PE Partner, and we help schools across the country with all aspects of PESSPA. So if you need any advice or help please get in touch with us by calling 0113322615 or email info@pepartner.co.uk

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