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The Framework...

At the very heart of the SPIRALPE™ platform is a primary curriculum that has been designed to engage pupils, support teachers and provide school leaders with the tools they need to report on the effectiveness of PE and the impact of their PE Premium.

The curriculum includes 252 complete lesson plans, all of which work together in a ‘Spiral’ framework to build and develop the full range of physical literacy for every child.

Each year group, from reception to year 6, has 36 age appropriate physical expectations grouped into in 18 skill areas and these are upgraded year on year through vertically challenging lessons.

This unique framework gives teachers increased confidence, knowing that each PE lesson they deliver is contributing to the ongoing development of all of their pupils and will produce young people who are comfortable with a physically active lifestyle.

Here's how it's done... (to view the framework as a pdf click here)

Assessment Framework

Building on this SPIRALPE framework we have built 36 end of year expectations for each year group, with an increased level of challenge as they move up through the school.

Teachers assess the pupils 3 times a year (at the end of each term) in the 18 skill areas and the system produces class and individual PE reports which show those areas of physical literacy that need attention, areas of particular strength and where they pupils are making progress.

Click here to see an example of a class PE report

Click here to see an example of an individual pupil PE report

We understand that compared to current practice this may look like a very detailed level of assessment for PE, but we feel it is very important that assessment is used to guide learning - in the same way it would be in other core subject areas. Progress needs to be scrutinised at this level to evidence the impact of PE premium and to monitor participation and motor skills as both are key indicators of whether children will go on to have a healthy lifestyle. We are looking to create a 'lifelong active' attitude amongst pupils.

The way the system works means that each class takes around 15 minutes to assess at the end of each term, based on the formative assessments that teachers have carried out in the term.

To read a research paper published recently which looks at the need for increased scrutiny on PE click here.

(to view the framework as a pdf click here)

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